About Natasha Brook

Droves of serious shoppers are jumping into their cars to go on Los Angeles’s finest fashion pilgrimage: not to large shopping malls in Beverly Hills or the Westside, but to an independent boutique on the Ventura Blvd. in Encino, California. “Sixty percent of our business comes from over an hour’s drive away,” says Natasha Brook, the owner and sole buyer of Boutque Bizou, who’s quickly becoming a fashion icon for sexy European luxury. In the name of style, ladies are spending up to two hours behind the wheel to lunch and shop in the plaza, quickly becoming the fashion mecca for those in the know.

Natasha fulfilled a lifelong dream of sharing her unique fashion sense with ladies all over Los Angeles. Always a trendsetter in her hometown of Moscow, Russia, Natasha has been bringing a keen eye to couture for decades. Her boutique filled with a hand-selected, highly-edited collection of the season’s most stylish European clothing, Natasha will always welcome visitors into her shop with the express goal of making every woman beautiful, from the slim and petite to the tall and curvy, from young ladies twinkling in their twenties to stunning women shining in their sixties.

Boutque Bizou is about letting go and enjoying the experience of being spoiled. “The VIP status is here for the taking,” Natasha says, confirming that shoppers don’t have to be millionaires to be treated as such. In her store, she says, “You don’t have to search for it; you don’t have to wave down a salesperson. You don’t have to lug bags.” With her sharp sense of individual style, Natasha acts as your personal shopper, there to guide you through the store, explain sizes and styles and maybe encourage you to take a few chances, if only in the dressing room. She’ll find items cut perfectly for you, whether you are size 0 or 14. “This isn’t a store just for models – the clothes have to work for real women.”

Natasha gives honest opinions and won’t let you leave the store with something that doesn’t look great on you. “I’d rather have someone leave empty-handed,” says Natasha. Looking around, items bursting from racks and shelves, seducing shoppers with a promise of making them slimmer, sexier and even more radiant, it seems like an impossible exercise in restraint to walk out shopping-bag-free. A testament to her success, Natasha brought in designer lines only found in shops along the Louvre-Tuileries and Via Tornabuoni. “They almost never sell to independent American shops,” says Natasha proudly, “but they love what we are doing here.”

Inspired by her romantic trips to Europe in her youth, Natasha stocks Boutique Bizou with fashions designed and created by the most on-trend fashion houses in Italy and France. The clothing she curates are feminine, confident and sexy, and so are the women who wear them.